5 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android

WhatsApp is a part of the daily lives of many people. We talk about texts, videos, photos.. at this point to our loved ones, family, and anybody we want to. In this scenario we want to know who we are talking the most on WhatsApp to put the smallest limit. Also, just for enjoyment and enjoyment, we want to know the person we spend the most time on WhatsApp.

There are some apps on Play Store that will let you know you’re talking about the best quality of WhatsApp chats. We’ll take a look at 11 of these applications as well as their add-on features!

W-Seen – Online Last Seen

Are you concerned that your child is using social networks while you sleep? It’s time to take a look and engage in a serious discussion!

W-Seen Online provides you all of the data regarding the amount of time your closest and dearest are online. You could even track the frequency with which your loved ones go online and reads messages.

It’s possible to find out exactly where people you are considering visiting -for instance, W-Seen Online will show you the exact software they employ.

When you add into your contacts, you’ll be able to receive instant notifications every time people show up online. The programmers give all users with a no-cost trial of Premium, meaning you can be certain that LogMe Online works nicely.

Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

The name of the application is right, it gives you an agent in disguise who’s in a covert mission! It’s a lot easier Chat Track keeps tabs on the presence of your family or acquaintances are online and connects to WhatsApp. The agent is kept secret, since no one is likely to suspect the small investigation.

WhatsAgent can provide you with graphs displaying your time that you’re online and offline. You can transfer your data completely into a different Excel document and test it on your computer should you wish to.

Notify Online – Last Seen

The Notify Online app – last Seen provides you with an overview and a record of your child’s online activities. Children today spend the majority of their time using online media programs. They are occupied with online activities and all while they are spending more and less time doing things that can be verified that are extremely harmful for their physical and mental well-being as they grow into active online.

The Notify Online feature – Last Seen will notify you when your children go online and also informs parents when their children became disconnected. You can also look up the details about your children’s online last seen actions. It is possible to check it each day and week following week application use that will provide an insight into how long they’re spending online.

WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker for Family

How often do people spend their time online? It’s difficult to address this issue in a precise manner since nearly all people online online all time. time.

In case you want to take control of the behavior of your family members or argue against a friend and you aren’t online; WisTracker is your important tool. It’s important to know that support for WisTracker is paid and does not offer the majority of customers the opportunity to test it for free. For instance you’ll find that your son is on WhatsApp at 4 AM You believe that you were sleeping in the time.

WatzUsage : Tracker for WhatsApp

Do not waste your time to track an individual’s last observation. Use WhatsOn and get informed whenever an your individual monitor will be online via WhatsApp. Check out the online time of your pals and children.

You’ll be able monitor all the installed application usage data through Application Usage Monitor. The online tracker shows your every day WhatsApp use together with your last online time on WhatsApp. It also shows you how much time you spend using your application.

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